Nîmes Part 2: The Fountain Gardens

Nîmes is located in The Languedoc-Roussillon in the south of France. This city dates back to The Roman Empire. The Fountain Gardens were built by the Romans to create Holy Water from the spring which was available year round. In the early eighteenth century, the city’s need for water brought about the discovery of the gardens which were then excavated. Unfortunately, much was destroyed or sold off. Despite that fact, what remains is stunning and well worth the visit even if there were no other ruins in the area. However, Nîmes is an ancient Roman City and its great wealth of treasures is not to be missed. It is the perfect place to stay for a week or so to explore the ruins and the many treasures of this part of the region.




16 thoughts on “Nîmes Part 2: The Fountain Gardens

  1. Such wonderful pics, I envy you living in a place of such beauty. Thanks for sharing 🙂 ♥

    1. Thank you. I wish my photos could do it all justice. I adore living here and am grateful. Thanks for visiting and I hope you will visit again.

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