Regional Food Festival

Poulet (chicken), foie gras (liver spread/pate made from specially fattened ducks or geese) and confit de canard (duck or goose legs preserved in their own fat).


There are many types of French Cuisine to enjoy in France, much will  depend on your budget, where you are, and what you like.

Haute Cuisine: the most elaborate style of cooking, a the grand meal of many courses served by top restaurants.




Bourgeoise cuisine: the hearty cuisine prepared in the home for the

family. The dishes are made from fresh local ingredients that grow in

the provinces. 

Nouvelle cuisine: a drift from heavy sauces, butter and cream to a lighter fair. There is more attention to the arrangement of food on the plate with artistic flair.
Regional Food:

Different regions of France are famous for unique and special foods that come from that area only, and for regional styles of cooking. These recipes, like many great recipes, are often passed down from one generation on family stoves and on menus of inns and restaurants around the region.

While Paris has regional specialities on offer from every region, you will pay for the privilege of sampling without the benefit of the whole experience that awaits those who explore the many regions.

The French enjoy seeking good regional cooking in the provinces where the ducks are fattened, the cheese where it is made, or the fish caught.  The varieties on offer are endless. At a recent fete, my purchases included some preserves made from locally grown saffron and red peppers and a savory biscuit made with thyme and lemon zest in the shape of a star. YUMMY!

While a number of foods may be unfamiliar to foreigners, it gives another dimension to exploring and discovering new delights that you will not find at home such as Sanglière (wild boar). In northern France butter is used in cooking while here in the south it is olive oil. Charcuterie (ham, pates, sausages, terrines ) will vary from region to region. Those regions bordering the Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean or the English Channel offer an amazing bounty of the freshest of seafood and prepared to make the most of each mouthful with local ingredients at their peek. The wealth of delicacies to be discovered include; mustards (Dijon), bouillabaisse, fish stew, (Marseille), cassoulet,thick stew of lamb is attributed to several areas in the southwest. The list of possibilities is endless. When you plan your visit to France, take your taste-buds into account and create some gastronomic memories.

Naturally, no event in France would be complete without wine. Each region has its own to be proud of and which will be on offer at any food festival by the glass, bottle or even the box. Bon appétit!




12 thoughts on “Regional Food Festival

  1. Endless it is, the list of regional specialties. Some of my favorites are from the Auvergne – choux farci, pounti, aligot et saussison, truffade … and the wines … must go back, must go back, must go back!

  2. Now this is one of my firm memories of France. The regional and local markets are incredible. I haven’t yet found a place that does them as well. I could spend so many Euros on cheeses and breads. My mouth is watering as I write. Thank you for the memories.

    1. I’m happy to have reminded you of good times. I’ve been here nearly five years and cannot imagine wanting to be anywhere else. Please stop by again and feel free to give some feedback.


  3. I went to France when I was 14 and let me tell you, over 20 years later it is still in my mind a place where I compare a LOT of what I believe life should be like to. The food alone. There’s just no comparison to an authentic baguette and croissant with a light spread on it from there to well, here. I really hope to go back one day. Cheers!

    1. I do understand. I first visited France just over six years ago. I had a backpack, rail pass and six weeks. I knew that I belonged here. As soon as I sold my house I returned and have been here since. Bon courage et bon chance!

    1. Cindy, when I share these things with an old friend back in Sacramento, he simply rolls his eyes and states, “I don’t know how you manage to soldier on under such adversity.” and we both laugh. He got certified to teach English as a second language as part of his retirement planning. In the meantime, he says he lives vicariously through me. Life is too short to live vicariously through anyone and tomorrow is not guaranteed as you know so well. You are making the most of it all in your way as I attempt in mine. The food festival was held in conjunction with the local Truffle Market. YUMMY! Festivals like this are frequent, especially this time of year. Also, the towns are all decked out with small cabins in which vendors sell their specialities!!! There will be delicacies from everywhere in France!

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