Saint Malo

Saint Malo      
While I admit to going overboard with the pictures today, choosing was challenging. If you enjoy these photos, Saint Malo is definitely a place for you to visit. The pictures pale in comparison to its beauty and there is truly something there for everyone. It is the home to the largest marina in France and an hour’s drive from Mont St. Michel. The sunrises, sunsets and endless miles of beaches and so much more make it a site for romance. Its astonishing splendor steeped in centuries of history will certainly inspire and stir you. If you tire of soaking up the local culture, shopping and café’s the glorious beaches are only steps away.

The National Fort is a brief stroll during low tide and gives an excellent view of the harbor. Make sure to allow yourself plenty of time for wandering down cobbled streets, time for the best crepes, for just losing yourself (or for some, finding yourself) in this enchanting fortress city.

St-Malo was built in the Middle Ages a fortified island at the mouth of the Rance. It was built using the same granite stone as Mont St-Michel. Modern St-Malo traces its source back to a monastic colony established by saints in the sixth century. It later became infamous due to the ferocious pirates/mariners who had established themselves there. In 1590, St-Malo declared itself an independent republic that lasted for four years. English ships attempting to pass the Channel were forced to pay tribute.

St-Malo receives more visitors than any other place in Brittany. The credit for its popularity is often given to the magnificent old citadel. While I can see that there is some truth to that, it offers so much more. Brittany itself is an enigma in France. Its treasures await you regardless of it being your first time or a yearly tradition. No matter what you choose to do with your time here, the memories will linger on.

The region of Brittany is distinct from    other regions of France because of its Celtic heritage. Approximately thirty percent of its population speak Breton a Celtic language similar to Cornish and Welsh. The language, customs, and costumes are preserved mainly in the more isolated west. However, you can find the beautiful and intricate handmade laces in numerous shops around Brtittany. Rennes is Brittany’s route focus, traditional capital, and cultural center. Its university is a center of Celtic studies.




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