This weekend we honor the Sapeurs-pompiers, who are the firefighters of France.

There are two categories of firefighters:
The first is the Paris Fire Brigade (Army) and the Marseille Marine Fire Battalion (Navy). Fire and rescue services are provided by

Pompiers - Sapeurs

the military. They are known as “sailor-firefighters” and Marins-pompiers and provide fire and rescue services for Paris and Marseille.

The rest of France is protected by civilian fire services which are organized, trained and supervised by the French ministry of the interior. More specifically, they fall under the auspices of the Civil Defence and Security Directorate ( Direction des Défense et sécurité civiles).
Sapeur refers to the first official firefighting unit which as created by Napoleon I. Pompier (firefighter) originated from the concept of pumping water from the manual pumps that were originally used.

December 4-5, all participate in the Telethon. Pompiers across France rally for a celebration of solidarity. From Paris to the smallest of villages residents watch cyclists, purchase calendars, roses and other items. In larger cities, there are often demonstrations of the firefighters in action. Proceeds and other donations are used to fight against the blight of genetic diseases.

Firefighters rally around this weekend for this great celebration of solidarity. Come support them on the ground and to get a glimpse of their actions, go on Friday at 23h10 France 2, France 3 on Saturday between 15h20 and 16h20 and on France 2 at 10:35 & 18h05 and from 22h15, the time of delivery by the President of the FNSPF donations collected to fight against the scourge of genetic diseases.  As part of the telethon, the Pompiers – sapeurs go door to door on the 30 November with a calendar which is exchanged for a donation. This years calendar included several pages of maps of the region along with other valuable information.

In France, some 200,000 of these heroic men and women are volunteers. They are highly respected members of the communities they serve. To all the pompiers-sapeurs, we salute you!



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