If pain (bread) is indeed the staff of life, the French settle for nothing but the preeminent baguette a staple of life. Gourmets in all aspects of cuisine, there is more than that golden loaf of perfection. There are cereal (wholegrain) loafs and baguettes with seeds and a myriad of additional delicacies. Typically, a boulangerie will offer sandwiches, salads, individual size quiche, pizza and grilled panini and more. In my experience, there is variation depending where in the country you happen to be.
Of course, there is much more to be found in these treasure troves of sustenance. Croissants, Pain au Chocolat, Pain au Raisin… Then we move on to the decadence of Napoleons, Charlottes, Tartines, Tarts, and specially created for holidays like Couronne and a special Galette. Couronne (Crown) is ring-shaped. The dough is the same as a regular baguette, which has been shaped into a ring. However, I have lived in the south of France for over four years and not had Couronne anywhere that was not comparable to a good brioche. Valerie and Nadine, owners of Croc en Stoc where I visited today tell me that it is a brioche type of dough and that is what I have found.
 While some are unadorned, the ones they sell in their boulongerie near La Cite in Carcassonne, are decorated with course sugar and red and green cherries. There are numerous types of galette. However, from immediately after Christmas until Epiphany the galette of choice is galette des Rois (King) cake. This flaky pastry is delicately flavored with frangipane.
While I managed to catch Valerie on camera, Nadine managed to avoid the lens. Next time she will not escape! They have been in business for over four

Croc n' StocOur daily bread and croissantspâtisserie

years. Now, dear friends, I wish them only the best and look forward to the next visit when we will explore the difference between the various types of patisserie.

Bisous, Léa

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